BACK & friendships

They say you are like 5 people spending most time with. Any thoughts? In general, I believe that people influence each other in such extent on a daily basis that it's difficult to describe it. That's the reason I've started choosing my friends more deliberately. On the other hand, I'm also more aware of them and therefore, even more thankful for the quality of people I have already attracted into my life. For the purpose of this article, let’s stay with one gender only.

When it comes to guys, I always turn into a very awkward person, and a sending of mixed signals is obviously my main domain.

There have always been 3 types of friends in my life :
Pop up friends, you see them just from time to time, but it feels like not a distance nor any time past could set you apart! After the first glass of wine, you are catching up with the weirdest stories. Some of the pop-up friends are more like mentors, older sisters you never had…You know that seeing them helps to figure out something deep inside. ( av. 5 friends)

Dearest friends - they are all marvelous human beings, and you always wish to spend more time with them. The first time, you had bombed into each other at some party, then you saw her at the same yoga class and after a certain while, you call each other regularly – "tadaaaaa" your new friend. Every success in their career is as if it was your own. Their love stories are fascinating and troubles are manageable thanks to your insight. You support each other on a daily basis. Long story short - You care, they care and that's the most important value in this world. Actually, I've met so many great girls, who were inspiring and funny and pretty recently - I wish they could be all my dearest friends!

The "Soul" sisters. Doesn't matter where on the Earth you are, you need to let them know about the best ice-cream ever, you are eating at that moment. But she is also the first person you phone to when some serious shit happened. She is your soul mate, your best friend, your bff companion in this life… ( I guess, you’ve got the idea) This kind of friendship requires a certain time and effort. Therefore, it’s difficult to have a lot of them, and to create them on purpose is almost impossible. It's kind similar with romantic relationship. You can't have multiple of them, even if you would love to. But with a 24h time frame and one geolocation it's not really a possible thing.

There is one particular attribute which all my friends, no matter to which category they belong, have in common.
Their energy, their inner something is tempting and contagious, and it makes our friendship more like some kind of irresistible bound. You just feel this person belongs in to your life and you need to find out why.

As I said at the beginning, I’m blessed with great friends in my life. And here we are, me and my soul friend ZUZ in our favorite Scandinavian brand BACK. Captured by great Letoslav. Btw, what about your friendships? Do you also have 3 types of friends or completely different forms? Let me know. ;)