MBPFW - fashion week in Prague and two names you cant miss this season!

For some is fashion just vain unnecessity. For me, and people with similar interests, it is an expression of certain aesthetic and feelings.  Is the style reflecting who you truly are? I’m not sure about that. The time when you could have easily distinguish metal head and fashionista are gone. (A small self-irony- if you look at the photos properly). Fashion can be / and a lot of time is/ very superficial. But in deeper meaning, it is also mirroring self-expression and creativity. It s not just some kind of clothing to cover you up, it is part of you.

Certain clothing makes me feel special and outgoing, old hoodie and big cozy socks make me stay home during the weekend and watch youtube videos  There is all kind of emotions tight up with your favorite garments – therefore is dressing up a small magic to me.  And I’m definitely not the only one. ;)

With the Prague Fashion week ahead –  my attention is even more triggered by newest trends, designers, and brands. Every season there are new upcoming talents who are more than worth paying attention to. I’m very thankful to be a part of these adventurous times in our local fashion scene.   

Czech fashion industry is growing, getting stronger and spreading across the borders. I truly believe that Czech fashion could mean one day something and the beast days are just ahead.  

This season I can't wait mainly to see TWO names:

LAFORMELA - I met them ( the designers ) at their shooting, when I was dating one Czech photographer. And I instantly thought their clothing was the coolest thing ever. 6 years later, -I still thing so. LAFORMELA has evolved  matured and changes – as much as people in their 20s are trying to. They are regular host at the fashion week but on the top of that, selling their collections also in Paris. LAFORMELA is moving ahead every season – and every season I m just gasping while thinking how many pieces I wish to have at home.

JAN CERNY – there is always some hype about new fresh blood. Young designers might not have the money like established ones or strong media coverage, but they have the right enthusiasm and energy to make it through. If you would be looking for one name, that iscontaining all aspects mentioned above – then youwould fin dhis name. Add on the top ofall adjective strong visual aesthetic. ;)