I love talking with people, (I generally talk a lot) and thanks to Fashion MAP as a journalist I'm having the opportunity to be in touch with the most interesting fashion professionals from different parts of the world. Most of them are visiting Prague as the guests for our local fashion week ( which is by the way better and better every year). If you speak Czech and love getting new information from the fashion industry, Fashion MAP is basically all you need to read!  


Stefan Siegel

Stefan Siegel isn't any new comer in terms of supporting independent designers. His name stand behind an international platform for emerging talents all around the world. More about what makes a small designer successful? Read more in Fashion MAP interview. 



Kim Howells

It was a great pleasure to talk to Kim Howells, the fashion editor in charge of Hunger magazine. 

What we've talked about? Well, the same as usual:  supporting the young designers, printed magazines, and how to stay a nice person. 
Whole article in czech at Fashion MAP : 













Adam Katz Sinding

Chasing people in the hot summer days as well as when its raining or freezing, he knows, your name and what you are wearing. An interview about the "gangs of the streetstyle photography with one of the most well known names and a regular guest of MBPFW. 

Dandy Diary
Interview with one of the most famous German bloggers, new fashion icons, but for sure The creative Ones! If you didn't hear about Dandy Diary yet and German language is something you are familiar with, then this is your must read blog! These guys are crazy in such a good way- crossing the borders of "blogging era", bringing the new ways of public promotion, while staying smart and ahead of the others. 

Danit Peleg

Interview for Fashion MAP about the 3D printing and the future of fashion with designer Danit Peleg. Danit Peleg is a young designer from Israel, and I m more than sure,  you ll hear about her in the future a lot. Because the future belongs exactly to people like her and 3D printing is a big part of it. Learn more about the first home 3D printed collection ever. 


Mulsin Bros

Inspiring talk with talented designers from Israel who visited Prague for design SUPERMARKET in 2014. I just love their unisex approach and unique sense of style! Check them out:

Whole interview in czech language: 

Martin Premuzic 

If you are looking for some unique fashion store in Berlin, you shouldn't skip Temporary showroom at Prenzlauer Berg. I've talked with Martin Premuzic - the buyer and owner of Temporary Showroom about German and Czech fashion. The whole interview: